7 Signs You're On Track To Succeed Online In 2021

 Some attribute the quote "success leaves clues" to Jim Rohn and some attribute it to Tony Robbins, but who ever said it, is dead on point. Indeed, success leaves clues.

Check out any "overnight success" and you'll discover the person had been toiling in obscurity for years before he or she became an overnight success.

Radio, TV and assorted media will be all over the place "celebrating the person's "Great Success". No one bothered when the person was going hungry, driving a battered car and wearing hand-me-down clothes.

So the three thought-provoking questions I want to ask you are:

a) How many paid courses have you registered for in the past three years?

b) How many relevant books have you invested in?

c) How many gurus have you reached out to?

Yes, success leaves clues. Success will not fall on your lap from above. You must ardently search and go for it. If you do you'll become an overnight success and the media will roll out their drums to celebrate your success.

To increase your chances of success, narrow your focus and set your sights single-mindedly on how to make it online because that's the way the world is going and there is no going back.

The biggest and richest companies on earth are all online businesses; not in any particular order Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft.

While it used to take companies close to hundred years to become "Multinational Corporations" with operations spanning the globe, almost all the above "digital companies" became global behemoths within 10 to 20 years

Not only companies, but individuals are making it big online. Bloggers and information product marketers like Jon Morrow, Brian Clark, Darren Rowse, Brendon Burchard, Russell Brunson, Amy Porterfield, and Neil Patel, to name just seven, all built their eight-figure empires within a few years of striking out online.

It doesn't matter whether you're into E-Commerce, Information Marketing, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing or any combination of online businesses, the key to online success is "CONSISTENCY" and following your clearly defined strategy rather than being an opportunistic profit seeker.

Here are the seven signs you're on track to succeed online. Not in any particular order:

1. You've drawn up your "CUSTOMER AVATAR" so you're quite clear who you want to serve. Your customer avatar is the mirror image of the dream customer you'd like to serve. As you know, all customers are not born equal so being very clear on the type of customer you wish to serve puts you miles ahead of the competition. Knowing your customer avatar enables you to build a profitable "MAILING LIST". With your mailing list in place you're on a fast track to online success.

2. You've built your "DREAM 100" online influencers list and reaching out to them. Online Influencers, Experts, and Gurus make things happen online. They've figured out what works and are building and scaling their eight-figure empires. Following, learning from, and modeling their success are the shortest and fastest ways to build your own seven-figure empire to start with without reinventing the wheel.

3. You've chosen the "THREE SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS" you wish to concentrate your effort on and posting consistently. New social media platforms are born nearly daily but to succeed, you must select just three based on your own objectives not on the popularity of the media. Anything more than three will spread you too thin and render you ineffective. Whether you choose any three of Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Periscope, etc., must align with your strategy.

4. You're daily building your "CREDIBILITY AND GRAVITAS". As the Bible says, "By their fruits you'll know them." You know that people will only follow you if you have credibility and gravitas. One of the biggest credibility boosters is having a New York Times best-selling book to your name. Making it big online as you already know is not a walk through the park so day and night take steps to reinforce your credibility and gravitas.

5. You're working quietly and with full concentration on your "LEAD MAGNETS", LANDING PAGES" and "IRRESISTIBLE OFFERS". These three: lead magnets, landing pages and irresistible offers: set the stage for you to start collecting leads, converting them into subscribers, showing them the stuff you're made of and making them offers they can't do without.

6. You're learning to craft "SALES LETTERS" with great Hooks, Stories and Offers. No matter how beautiful your product, no matter how stellar your credibility, and no matter how popular you're on social media, it's your sales letters that convert subscribers into paying customers sending cash to your bank account. Learning to craft effective sales letters and pitching the right audience put you in the league of winners.

7. You're learning how to create "IRRESISTIBLE PRODUCTS" that change your dream customers' lives. As every entrepreneur knows, whether online or offline, and more so online, where you're dealing with customers sometimes six time zones away, you're in the business of transforming lives. Simply put, you're in the transformation business. The better you're able to transform people's lives, the bigger your bank account will grow. What makes transformation happen are the great products you create. Products come last in the series because you have to tailor exactly to your dream customer's identified need.

The above seven signs separate those who are on track to succeed from those who aren't.

To summarize, you've created your customer avatar, you've selected your dream 100 online influencers, you've selected the three social media platforms you wish to be king, you're burnishing your credibility and gravitas day and night, your lead magnets, landing pages, irresistible offers, and sales letters are selling your irresistible products round the clock.

To accelerate your success, you're not only making irresistible offers, you're building offer-stacks as tall as Mount Kilimanjaro and placing order bumps strategically throughout your value ladder and sales funnel. These advanced online strategies can 10X your success rate. But first you must understand the basics by being humble enough to learn.

If you're doing any three of the above you're on track to not only succeed, but succeed massively online. If you're not, retrace your steps and refocus. Narrow your focus and concentrate on the few things that will bring you success in the shortest possible time. Just keep learning and suddenly you'll reach a tipping point where everything falls into place sending you to the stratosphere of success just like the online gurus I've mentioned in this article.

Paul is the CEO of Vision & Talent Training Group and the creator of Internet Business Mastery Course where he teaches how to build businesses online the right way. He is the author of seven books, including Bridges to the Customer's Heart, dubbed The Customer Service Bible, with endorsements from Pascal Dozie (MTN Chairman), Tony Elumelu (UBA Chairman), and Ben Ofungwu (ISN Chairman). Late Richmond Dayo Johnson, referred to Paul as "One of Nigeria's most authentic experiential writers." Paul's clients include Nigerian Breweries (Heineken), Dangote, First Bank, and Nestoil Group (whose clients include ExxonMobil, Chevron, Shell, and NNPC, amongst others). A McKinsey Executive Panel Member, Paul has written for Process Excellence Network, comprising 240,000 process practitioners from all over the world.  Phone: +234-8033075133, Email: paul@pauluduk.com, https://www.pauluduk.com/page, https://visionandtalent.com, Twitter: @paul.uduk

By Paul Uduk