How Opt-In Pages Can Grow Your List

 There are various list building strategies that you can employ; however, one of my favorites is using opt-in pages. The first thing you should do is make sure that an opt-in form appears on every page of your blog. Once you have completed this, you should create dedicated opt-in pages. Opt-in pages are used to get people to sign up on your list. This is an excellent way to grow your list because you have a place where you can send people. You can include the link to your opt-in page in your posts, articles, guest blog posts, forum posts, etc. You can also use on social media.

Opt-In Page URL

Your URL must be easy to remember. You can buy a dedicated domain for your opt-in page but that is not necessary. You can pick a short and easy to remember link. For example if your site is called, a good URL for your opt-in page maybe

Captivating Headline for Your Opt-In Page

Next, you need to write a compelling headline that will grab your reader's attention and keep them on your opt-in page. Here are a few examples of good gardening headlines: 

1: Find Out How To Grow Delicious Tomatoes In Half The Time

2: Sign Up Today For Gardening Tips From An Expert

3: Creating a Garden That Is The Envy Of The Whole Neighborhood Is Easier Than You Think. Sign Up Today For Expert Tips Delivered Straight To Your Email Inbox.

To get ideas for your opt-in page, take a look at magazine headlines and other newsletters. Make your offer enticing, but don't go overboard. Make sure you can deliver on the promises that you are making. The worst thing you can do is promise something you cannot do.

Short Opt-In Pages Are Better

You do not need a long opt-in page. The opt-in page is not a traditional sales page. Opt-in pages that are shorter and to the point tend to do better than those with long paragraphs of text. You should focus on the benefits. How will your subscribers benefit from signing up? What's in it for them?

You should start with a short introductory paragraph. The benefits should come next and they can be just bullet points. You should include an image that represents what they will be receiving once they opt in to your list. Right below the image, you should include the opt-in form.

Lastly, you should close with a sentence or two letting your readers know that you look forward to sharing those tips with them. Include a picture of yourself and your handwritten signature. Both of these elements build trust and will make it more likely that someone will sign up.

Submit Button

You need to pay attention to the submit button as well even though most people don't think about this. A simple grey button with the word "Submit" is not very enticing. I recommend that you use a color that complements the color of your site. You may also consider a bright color as well. "Join Now", "Get Started", "Claim Your Free Report" or "Sign Me Up" are great examples of wording for the submit button.

Once you set up your opt-in page, you need to drive traffic to it. You can include this page as one of the pages on your blog. You can include a link within your blog posts. You can also mention it in social media as well as forums.

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By Adrienne Dupree